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What’s “Best” mean to you?

Funny. There’s a site out there now that purports to rank/note the “best” real estate professionals in the country. I won’t link to it because I think it’s silly. But I’ll note that one of the criteria for being considered “best” is whether you paid your fee to the site.

So … What defines “best”?

Most competent? (how does one define that?)

Busiest? (absolutely not in my criteria for “best”)

Most productive? (again, not in my criteria for “best” – but productivity is huge factor in determining quality of the agent. If you’re not practicing every single day …)

My definition of best would include “owning mistakes when they’re made and seeking to rectify them”

As with everything on the interwebs, be curious. Be cynical. Check and double-check.

Hiring the right buyer or seller representation is critical – ask questions.

If you’re curious to hear my candid thoughts on “best” – please consider subscribing to my monthly note – where I’ll discuss this subject in August a bit more bluntly.

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