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3G and 4G LTE Cell Coverage Map for Charlottesville, Virginia - OpenSignal

Last year I noted cell coverage in Charlottesville.

In 2006, the best cell provider in Charlottesville was Alltel. Times have changed.

Those moving to Charlottesville are often surprised that we don’t have 100% cell coverage in the entire region, much less LTE/4G. When showing rural (and sometimes not-so-rural) properties, I try to remind my clients to check their cell phones … sometimes the cell phone data connection is the only high speed internet available.

I haven’t tested Open Signal yet in multiple areas of Charlottesville, but Open Signal looks to be a useful solution to determining cell coverage. They have an app, too.

Another thought – wouldn’t it be cool if you could search for homes by cell phone coverage and high-speed internet speeds?

Yet another thought – I wonder how Albemarle County’s 4G feasibility study is coming.

Charlottesville Tomorrow reports that “The Albemarle Board of Supervisors has voted to pay a consultant to determine if the county’s existing policy on cell towers will impede implementation of the next generation of wireless communications services.”

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