Have a Favorite Charlottesville Food Truck?

The number of food trucks in Charlottesville seems to be growing every day. When last I wrote about them in 2011, there weren’t quite so many. Now, there are way more. I see them all over Charlottesville and frequently at Starr Hill in Crozet, but I tend to either not have the time to stop or I see the food trucks before or after they’re serving. But they intrigue me.

Life would be easier if all of the food trucks in Charlottesville had twitter accounts (here’s a list of the ones I found who are on Twitter) – better yet, if they’d update their twitter accounts and if someone would do a food trucks map …

Thanks to @CorcoranGroup, I’ve created a Foursquare list to which we can all contribute. (Social media is great when it works; thanks Matthew)

After the break is a non-comprehensive list of the food trucks in the Charlottesville area, plus a Storify that led to the list. If I’m missing one, please let me know.

What do you think? Have a favorite?

Interesting, two Charlottesville places are trying to raise money on Kickstarter for their food truck offerings – Blue Ridge Pizza and The Flat Creperie – both of which offer delicious food. (I pledged a little bit to each as well)

Thanks to all who answered!*

* From a “how does information flow” perspective, I found the my tweet -> @RVABusiness -> @RobeyMartin -> @TheCville29 connection interesting, as in Charlottesville -> Richmond -> Charlottesville = answers. 🙂

Thanks to Charlottesville 29 for this list.

Mouth Wide Open 
Smoked BBQ Co.
Turkish St. Foods (Bazlamas)
– La Tako Nako
– La Michoacana
– Mi Ranchito
Carpe Donut
The Lunchbox
Blue Ridge Pizza
Got Dumplings
Morsel Compass
The Pie Guy
Delicious George
The Clean Fork
Big Easy Metro Market
Vanguard Ranch
– Catch the Chef
– Black Jack’s Mobile Soul Food
Whole Foods

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