A Kind Word about My Monthly Notes

I received this soon after I sent out my monthly note:

As always, thank you for writing and publishing this note. Even though, thanks to you, we are happy where we are I love learning more about the market and area.

To which I say: Thank you. I write these for the real estate consumers – the buyers, the sellers, the curious voyeurs who might be or are thinking about moving back to or within the Charlottesville area.

Many people know how much I dislike using testimonials to market my services – I find unsavory using the kindness and thanks of my clients to market, even though I know that most wouldn’t mind at all.

I’ve said several times this year that I write my best stuff in my monthly note, and each month I’m proud of what I produce there – in spite of the beat-my-head-against-a-wall errors I’ve made.

If you’re interested, I’d gladly send you December’s note (and every subsequent one). Just ask here .

I’m grateful for each and every person who chooses to read every month.

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