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I Could Live Here

I took the above photo the other day when showing a house in Nelson County. Sometimes it’s easy to forget the beauty that surrounds us in Charlottesville.

Take the 8 minutes to listen to this story. Replace “Austin” with “CharlAlbemarle” – Austin or Aspen? Is a question ask of Charlottesville and a comparison to Charlottesville often made. But – do we want their traffic challenges? NPR notes – Even An 85 MPH Highway Can’t Fix Austin’s Traffic Tangle … and then you have this story from Wired – Public Transit Is Underfunded Because the Wealthy Don’t Rely on It. Huh.

And the Western Bypass saga continues. How long has the Western Bypass been in discussion/planning/debate/contention?

The downzoning of West Main – in light of the recent spate of apartment buildings, it’s not surprising that City Council wants to take a breather. But at least one of the choices to preserve is bizarre.

Forget Golf Courses: Subdivisions Draw Residents With Farms

-The only two areas in Charlottesville that resemble this are Farm Colony in Greene (a fantastic neighborhood) and Bundoran Farm in Southern Albemarle. Local food matters, and how much more local could you get than your own neighborhood?

Your Neighborhood Significantly Influences the Air You Breathe – Something to consider when you’re evaluating where to live.

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