Arthouse Theater + Beer + Restaurant Coming to Downtown Mall

In the “something cool coming to Downtown Charlottesville” category …

If the number of times this story was shared and discussed on Facebook is any indication of success, the new movie theater on the Downtown Mall is poised for tremendous success.

The Downtown theater, that just successfully drove the Vinegar Hill theater out of business, will now be an art house theater with a bar and restaurant.

Regal Cinema’s movie theater monopoly in Charlottesville has ended, and the new kid on the block is planning to serve up something sure to have local cinephiles salivating: a Downtown theater that offers upscale food and cocktails along with indie film fare.

He said the movies the new theater will show will be in line with the mostly indie fare currently screening at the Downtown Regal—which will continue to be the tenant in the space for the immediate future—but he also plans to show some more mainstream films.

Patience is recommended though.

The first step is getting approval from the city’s Board of Architectural Review for a new facade. He’ll present initial plans to the BAR on February 18, but he’s aware it might take awhile to get the O.K.

As it turns out, when my small one and I went to the UVA Women’s soccer tournament in December, we had an occasion to try what I perceive (and hope) this new theater will be.

Would it be too much to ask for them to have carpet like this?

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  1. Erik Schetlick February 6, 2014 at 14:58

    Beer Theaters were one the best things about Portland!! Excited for the possibilities. Also, thanks for your input in the Brew Ridge Trail piece, see you around the office!

    1. Jim Duncan February 7, 2014 at 06:19

      Nice. I’m looking forward to seeing how it turn out … might get me to go to the movies more than once a year!


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