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Charlottesville: #1 College Town

I should have made a “list” category when I started this blog to efficiently catalog the lists on which Charlottesville (Charlottesville + Albemarle) has made it.


However, the number one spot is reserved for a more Southern town. Indeed, Charlottesville, home of the University of Virginia, does the best job of any city on the list of combining traditional metropolitan interests with the interests of the students who frequent it. The result is a harmonious whole, balancing the resources of an urban area with the desires of the students who live there. From the historical aura of Monticello, to the entertainment provided in the famous (and recently redecorated) Paramount theater, Charlottesville has it all, a place any college student would be proud to call home. Which is why we at Traveler’s Today have listed it as the best college town in America.

Taking the fluff our of what they’re saying: Charlottesville is a great place to live. I did chuckle at their reference to the harmony and balance that they perceived.

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Goodbye Five Guys and South Street Brewery


The rumors on facebook and Twitter over the weekend seem to be true – South Street Brewery has been sold to Blue Mountain Brewery. If Blue Mountain, who are already killing it, replicate what they’re doing in Afton, they’re going to continue their massive success.

Five Guys on the Downtown Mall closed the other day – there are now no chain restaurants on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall; if you need your Five Guys fix, they’re still open in Barracks Road and Hollymead Town Center. Ironically, the first commercial I saw this morning on NBC29 was one for Chaps Ice Cream with him saying, “you don’t need five guys to make a good burger!”

Update 3 JulyBlue Mountain is buying South Street, but they’re not changing the name from South Street. Good stuff.

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