Negative (Buyer) Feedback Matters

Feedback matters. I previewed a house or two for an out of town buyer client recently, and they sent some candid, thoughtful feedback that gave clear, blunt, and useful insight.

Sorry if this email reads very negatively, just wanted to explain our thought process. We really appreciate how attentive and responsive you’ve been!

Negativity matters.

In last month’s note, I wrote about offering my opinions to clients (sign up to read the whole thing).

It takes time for me to form the necessary foundation with my clients that I need in order to effectively opine. My clients hire me for my opinion and insight. Anyone can open a front door and identify the kitchen. Listening to a buyer detail how much each cooks, where the kids like to play, and help buyers determine the feasibility of renovating a home, or figuring out how the house’s location will help or hurt the physical or social connectivity to the (Charlottesville) world around them – that takes thought -and a sometimes delicate touch.

Knowing when to overtly opine and when to prod conversation with just the right question – those are learned skills that I’d like to think add tremendous value to the home buying experience.

Candor is often hard to convey, but it’s critical in the agent-client relationship.

The candor comes not immediately, but after we’ve spent time together, and if not physical time, conversations – more than an email here or there, but conversations, give and take, listening, pauses, some rambling, and dialogue that really can’t be gleaned through text.

The listening is what matters, and the “negative” feedback is frequently more useful and applicable than is the positive.

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