Nest’s New Construction Market Report – 1st Half 2015

Charlottesville MSA New_Construction Report Mid-Year 2015
Charlottesville MSA New_Construction Report Mid-Year 2015


Short analysis:

– New construction in the Charlottesville MSA is up year over year.

– Albemarle is dominating new construction, with the City of Charlottesville third behind Louisa County

– Median price for a paper listing (unbuilt/proposed new construction – of which there are currently 146) listing in the Charlottesville MLS for a single family home in Albemarle County is $532K.

– Same as above for the City of Charlottesville is $384K — keep in mind that there are only 2! right now. When I search for single family, built in 2015, there are 11 results; that median price is $358K.

Download the full Charlottesville MSA new construction report here.

Read more at the Nest blog.

Locality Breakdown for Charlottesville - Albemarle new construction mid-year 2015

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