December’s Monthly Note – Roundup, Newbies, & Turning Others In + a Question

December 2015 Monthly Note
December 2015 Monthly Note


This is going to be a fun note.

A big question for you – I’m thisclose to removing the “search for homes” feature from this blog. For good. What do you think?

First, two stories – newbies and self-policing of real estate agents. Then I’ll talk a bit about market data and the nearly-end-of-2015 state of the market.

Then, I’ll talk a bit about the just-finished Nest Summit, going “behind the sign” (and possible ramifications), and I’ll touch on some of the things I’m reading …

As always, the blog roundup for November’s better and more relevant stories from RealCentralVA and RealCrozetVA.

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