Why I chose a Subaru as my real estate car. (twice!)


The Subaru Outback may be the Ultimate Adventuremobile for City Dwellers, it’s a darn good real estate car – that allows for a bit of adventuring, too.

My previous car was a black Subaru Outback. My new one is a Subaru Outback; it just works for how I live my life.

Why I chose a Subaru as my real estate car. (twice!)

  • It goes anywhere and everywhere I need it to go.
  • 8.7 inches of clearance is the same as my Honda Pilot.
  • Getting in doesn’t require climbing up – good for when I’m tired and sore from a long bike ride, good for my clients who may have trouble climbing into a high SUV. (this is a big one)
  • Good enough gas mileage – usually between 26 and 29 mpg.
  • The back seat is huge – a major consideration when thinking about driving clients around showing property. I had six-foot tall client in the back seat over the weekend and he said he had “plenty of room.” Just yesterday, I had a 6’4 guy in the back seat who was comfortable. Comfortable clients are happier clients.
  • Subaru fits my personality – functional, practical, reasonable. (but with the ability to have a bit more fun than those words typically connote)
  • Just enough buttons and gadgets to keep my undiagnosed ADD in check.
  • My bike rack fits easily on the roof racks.
  • It’s a wagon. I love wagons. My car gets very neat and tidy with a quick putting-down, shoving-stuff, putting-up of the back seats (which lay flat, too!)

Subaru & showing houses in Southern Albemarle
Subaru & showing houses in Southern Albemarle

While I’m not going to be adventuring like this guy, but I’d like to think I could … and I very well may get the skid plates he referenced.

The Subaru Outback is a great car for real estate, and for a bit of adventuring.

This was the day after the big snow we just had; my daughter and I went sledding. Without the Subie, we’d not have been able to go sledding – and wouldn’t have had that memory.

An HD version of the video I put up earlier … Because our mountains deserve HD.

Posted by RealCrozetVA on Sunday, January 24, 2016

What I don’t like about my Subie

Real estate signs don’t fit in the trunk. That sucks.

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  2. Jeremy October 25, 2018 at 09:14

    Yes! To all of this!

    I’m on my third, and I’ve loved them all (two Forester’s and an Outback). But the signs? I’ve contemplated buying a roof carrier JUST to put signs in.


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