Reaffirming WordPress’ Value (in Real Estate)



Social media worlds colliding today … I saw the tweet below linking to a story on that actual Internet (not Facebook’s walled-garden-version of the “internet”) detailing how Instagram will not longer let you promote your other social media accounts.

Instagram has been a tremendous thing.

Particularly now that they permit multiple account management, I’ve been able to better use the @RealCrozetVA account in addition to @JimDuncan. (+ this IFTT recipe) I’ve never “sold” or marketed on Instagram; rather, I choose use it as a lens through which others can see the Charlottesville – Albemarle area.

Linking out has never been a primary or even secondary concern, but Instagram’s firming up their silo is annoying at best. That brings me to WordPress. I’ve used WordPress for over 10 years, and owning my own little slice of the actual Internet has been profoundly useful and valuable to me, and to my clients, and to my real estate practice. Having one’s own site, rather than renting space on someone else’s malleable and shifting platform is work, costs money, and is incalculably valuable.

Putting all one’s eggs in one basket is a dangerous thing.

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  1. Mary O’Neil March 8, 2016 at 10:45

    I think that that’s absolutely true! You never know what direction a big company is going to go; or what they’re doing to manage your website or social media well or poorly. When you step up and start doing it yourself, take ownership, you can wind up accomplishing a great deal more than you ever thought possible if you just put in the sweat equity.


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