Lots of Stories and Much Construction in Downtown Charlottesville

Charlottesville is becoming a (bigger) City

Lots of stories. Apartments, office space, condos …

Drive, walk, or ride around Downtown Charlottesville and you’ll likely be surprised, perhaps even taken aback by the changes that are upon us. I’m Downtown nearly every day, and the traffic shifts remind me (just a wee bit) of the Big Dig many years ago. What follows is a list of a few of the big/bigger projects in and around Downtown Charlottesville.

I’m writing this story more for myself, to wrap my head around the building boom so as to advise and inform my clients, than anything else. Hopefully you find it useful.

A non-comprehensive list of some of the bigger projects in and around Downtown Charlottesville

Note that I tried to include landmarks for those who either haven’t been downtown or don’t come downtown often

Already built/open

  • The Flats at West Main
  • Residence Inn at the corner of West Main & Ridge

Note: all these photos were taken from my bicycle … so, so much easier to navigate the City of Charlottesville on a bike.

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