A Disco Ball, House under Construction, and Trespassing

Well, this is scary.

Parents: do you know where your kids are?

New construction – not just new homes, new hopes, dreams, operating systems … but opportunities for thieves to steal tools, vandals to start fires and parties and shootings, apparently.

From Richmond:

A house under construction in an upscale Chesterfield County neighborhood where three young people were shot, two fatally, may have been randomly selected as a party house after the gathering was promoted on Instagram and drew 200 to 300 people, police said today.

Relevant Charlottesville area story

 … bolding mine.

You may have heard but early during the construction of (this neighborhood), one of the neighbors called the police because a model home seemed to have activity in it late one Saturday night.

When the police arrived, they believe up to 60 young adults scurried from the home into the woods.  When they went inside, they found coolers of beer, a smoke machine, and a disco light still spinning……  What appeared to be a good idea for a party in a home under construction can spin out of control when Instagram sends invites to strangers and others with less than positive intentions.

Moral of the story: neighbors – be aware of what’s happening in and around your neighborhood.

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