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Discussed: Note from Jim | August 2016 | Apology, Market, Own it, & Lead

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. ~ Ferris Bueller

An apology

August got away from me, (actually took a bit of vacation) so this note is shorter, and different, than I had planned. Next month, I’ll continue the Value & Innovation in Real Estate discussion, and how I’m using Slack, among other topics.

The Market

Seller tip
Be mindful of the takeaways buyers will have after seeing your home; little things matter. (see the following two photos … click on the dirty tub)

Owning it

This happened several years ago. My clients were building a home and had made some smart changes – focusing on the structure rather than cosmetic upgrades – with one of the upgrades being upgraded insulation over the garage.About a week before closing, the builder (not the project manager, not the sales rep) called me, and I could hear the caution, reluctance and fear in his voice. He was making the call we all dread, and he’d procrastinated to the point where he could no longer procrastinate.

They had neglected to put the extra insulation over the garage. We never would have known had he not told us. Insulation was there, but not what my clients had requested.

He owned it, acknowledged, apologized, and offered a solution. The call wasn’t as bad as he had made it out to be.

We’ve all made that call. The hardest part is swallowing and hitting “talk.”


Lead is bad, and the more I learn about it, the more I advise awareness.

Why Lead Paint Still Haunts Industrial Cities in the U.S. — “One milligram of dust. That’s all the lead it takes to poison a child—the equivalent of three granules of sugar.”

2014 was the year I became profoundly aware of the dangers of lead. (must read)

I remarked to a client about my (and our collective) growing recognition of the dangers posed by lead-based paint. She remarked unhesitatingly, and soberingly, something to the effect, “oh, yes, I know about lead; I work a lot of death penalty cases.” Yeah. Lead is bad.

The Blogs

RealCentralVA – two highlights for me – the market update, and looking at the value of protected trees in new developments.RealCrozetVA – If you’re interested in Crozet, spend a few minutes here; lots happened last month in Crozet.

What I’m reading

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