Albemarle’s Courts and Buses

Two stories of note regarding the Charlottesville City + Albemarle County relationship

Albemarle moves forward with study of courts relocation (December 2016)

The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors voted Wednesday to hire a consultant to assist with a study on moving the county courthouses or the county’s main office building outside of Charlottesville.

This would be such a massive change to not only the City/County relationship, but how real estate transactions in Charlottesville done. More on this later.

And this …

Supervisors discuss possible options to expand public transit in Albemarle

The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors has directed planning staff to find out whether the county could obtain federal and state funding to operate its own bus system.

Rather than one great system, the City and County can’t get alone well enough to do one great transit system?

Maybe the City of Charlottesville has decided they don’t need the County anymore. Maybe the County has decided the same.

I know this – this latent animosity and inability to work together is not good, nor a sign of a productive working relationship.

Get it together, folks.

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