Economic Development in Albemarle County?

I remember many years ago, a former Supervisor of Albemarle County said something to the effect, “we shouldn’t incentivize companies to come to Albemarle County; they should already want to come.” Sadly, I think many within Albemarle believe their own press.

That’s not good enough.

This should be a good, and at the very least, much-needed, meeting about necessary economic development in Albemarle County.

Short and simple story – the County of Albemarle needs to do better at attracting businesses that will allow and encourage job and economic growth. We are doing great at attracting baby boomers, but need to do more and do better attracting, and keeping younger demographics.


I do wonder how many businesses and opportunities Albemarle has missed.



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A Community Conversation Hosted by County Supervisors Diantha McKeel and Brad Sheffield

Albemarle County is facing critical choices about how our approach to economic development should evolve to ensure a vibrant, sustainable economy of the future that reflects community preferences and values. As a county we are grappling with important questions… Are we taking advantage of our strong assets and unique strengths to grow an economy that supports jobs and capital investment that sustain us as a community? Are we missing opportunities to nurture the start up and growth of desirable local businesses? What kind of business ventures can best flourish within the guidelines of our Comprehensive Plan and generate tax revenues to pay for needed community services? How do we attract and retain the workers we need to keep those businesses successful?

The community is invited to attend this discussion on Monday, February 6 at 6PM at the Northside Library to learn more about the basics of economic development, meet the County’s cross functional economic development team, and join the critical conversation about where our future economy should be heading.

The meeting will begin with a short presentation, followed by community discussion moderated by Supervisors McKeel and Sheffield.

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