Appeal Your Albemarle County Assessments (2017)

I’m posting this email from the Albemarle County Assessor, Peter Lynch, because:

1- It’s good and useful information

2 – It’s easier for me to send a link to a blog post to clients than the same email over and over.

3 – I’ve heard from several people that they intend to challenge their assessments … some have dropped by 15% – 20%, and others have gone up 10% – 15%.

1. In order to request an appeal through the BOE, the taxpayer or their representative needs to contact our office either by phone at 434-296-5856, or by email to or, or by fax at 434-296-5801, or by coming into the office.

2. Upon request, we will provide a BOE application through any of these forms of communication, and each will have a tracking number that allows us to keep track of how many have been sent out.

3. Due to our need to track this form to avoid any confusion about the due date, the BOE application is purposely not available on our web site.

4. The BOE application must be returned to our office (or postmarked) by March 15th as stipulated in County Code Sec. 15-1002 (A). There are only six working days left until that deadline. (Just requesting the form does not meet the deadline, the form must be returned by the deadline.)

5. Due to the shortness of remaining time, it is highly recommended that anyone desiring the BOE to appeal their property value, act quickly to get their appeal form in on time.

6. NOTE: If a 2017 Real Estate Assessment Review form (our internal review form) has already been submitted, then the March 15th date does not apply. These taxpayers have until 30 days after the date of my written response to that review.

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