Public Hearing on Albemarle County 2017 Property Tax Hike

No one showed.

Now, you have another opportunity to express your opinion about Albemarle County property taxes.

Mark your calendars, folks – 15 May 2017

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The Board of Supervisors held public hearings on the Calendar Year 17 Tax Rate and the Board’s Proposed FY 18 Budget on Tuesday evening, April 11. Immediately following the conclusion of those public hearings, it came to the County’s attention that there was a defect in the posted notice regarding the public hearing on the Calendar Year 17 Tax Rate. While the meeting notice was posted appropriately and the full legal advertisement was published in the newspaper within the required 30 day timeframe, the full legal advertisement was not also posted physically in the County Office Building.
In the interests of full transparency and compliance with all technicalities of the legal requirements, the County will be advertising for and conducting another public hearing on the Calendar Year 17 Tax Rate on Monday, May 15. Formal approval of the tax rate and adoption of the FY 18 budget will follow that public hearing. In light of this circumstance, mailing of the tax bills for the first half of Calendar Year 2017, which normally occurs the first week of May, will be delayed until after the May 15 public hearing. The normal tax payment deadline of June 5 will be extended to accommodate this delay, the new due date will be announced next week.

When real estate property assessments go up, as they did in 2017, our taxes go up. When the County chooses to not reduce the tax rate commensurately, that tax increase is even greater.

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