PSA to Home Buyers in Charlottesville – Beware Fake Wiring Instructions

1 – Watch out for wire fraud.

2 – Confirm everything.

3 – Question things that don’t seem quite right.

4 – We have seen and heard of this scam at some of our Nest offices (one of the benefits of having a growing reach).

5 – Read the whole story.

From Minnesota: (thanks, Erin for the heads up about this story!)

A Minnesota couple lost more than $200,000 in a sophisticated email scam authorities say is sweeping the country.
Email records reviewed by KARE 11 reveal the scam may have connections overseas.

“People in other countries are using our system – our banking system – to rob U.S. citizens,” says Steve Tadevich.

Authorities say what happened to Tadevich and his wife should be a warning to anyone who uses email or does some of their banking online.

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