That Ugly Thing on West Main? That’s an Internal Garage

It’s big, it’s ugly … and it’s just the internal garage for “The Standard,” a mixed-use building that will eventually have 600 bedrooms.

When my older daughter was in college, I am glad for both of us that she never asked to live in such a place.

Long gone are the days in which students were forced to live in cramped and dingy dorm rooms. Instead, students can choose to live in luxury apartments near UVA. The Standard in Charlottesville combines student-focused amenities with stylish, comfortable apartments to create student housing perfect for your college experience. Once you decide to make The Standard your new home, you can enjoy a quiet night in watching your favorite show on your flat screen TV, cook comfortably in your gourmet kitchen or even host a poker tournament in the clubhouse! Our prime location is only a short walk from grounds, allowing for a quick commute and a student-oriented, exciting atmosphere!


Charlottesville’s West Main Street continues to change.

Several buildings are currently under construction, including the Standard apartment complex and the Marriott Autograph Hotel. Several other buildings are planned, including a mixed-use building where the Blue Moon Diner exists today, as well a Quirk hotel across the street.

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