West Main Continues to Evolve


West Main Street in Charlottesville, Looking towards UVA
West Main, Looking towards UVA

Apartments and Hotels and West Main Street in Charlottesville.

Keeping up with the evolving West Main Street is a full-time job; good thing we have Sean Tubbs at Charlottesville Tomorrow to do the keeping up.

I took the photo above from my bicycle looking West down West Main Street towards UVA. This story is referencing the other side of West Main, closer to Downtown Charlottesville.

The 75-room boutique hotel would be the second developed by Richmond’s Ukrop family. A new building would be constructed behind a pair of two-story buildings at 501 and 503 W. Main. This new structure would extend into what is now an empty lot at 423 W. Main.

“Since we saw you last, we got pricing back and had a couple of big surprises,” said Jeff Dreyfus of Bushman-Dreyfus Architects. For instance, using stucco would be much less expensive than using materials that had been approved.

The project would see a new mixed-use building constructed at 510 W. Main that would have 53 apartments. The historic structures at 512 and 600 W. Main would remain in place, as the BAR has indicated it would not support demolition. The Blue Moon Diner closed last May on a temporary basis and its owners are hopeful they will reopen when the construction is completed.

The City Council approved a special-use permit to allow for additional residential density for the project in June 2016. The BAR granted its certificate of appropriateness in May.

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