February Note | Planning Ahead, Humans’ Home, Black Panther

Here we go. Some of the best writing I do every month. I write this Note for clients, customers, real estate voyeurs, people interested in the Charlottesville area, and those who like the Oxford comma. Not for real estate people.

  • Charlottesville Area Market Dynamics
  • Planning ahead; she’s not coming home
  • Home for 5 humans
  • Deer, Car, Cville (shifting to the podcast?)
  • Black Panther (A good Charlottesville story)
  • Blogs
  • What I’m reading (a long list this month)

Two clicks here = one email a month. Easy.

Here we go again. Link in bio. #writingIsHard #writingIsFun #realestatestories

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  1. Susan February 15, 2018 at 08:27

    I don’t see how to get to a story such as “Black Panther”. I receive the emails, but there’s no access to article that I can determine. Admittedly, I’m a “woman of a certain age”, but normally don’t have problems within emails, twitter, or Instagram.
    Any advice?


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