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This must be real. I bought the domain name:


More to come (to include a “get your podcast here” option, but here’s the first episode. We talk about real estate assessments, among other things.

A goal is to keep each episode at about 27 minutes – about the average commute time in the Charlottesville area.

We recorded the second podcast this morning, and we aim to build this out over the next few weeks, publishing every two weeks to start, and then weekly.

Bonus: the guys who started this podcast group, and are on the first couple shows, are fantastic.

Thoughts and feedback welcomed; this is an evolving, and new, work in progress.

Episode 1

  • Assessments, zestimates, market value
  • Negotiating in the hot Charlottesville real estate market.
    • Being willing to walk away and the perils in a low-inventory environment
    • What happens if “life happens”?
    • How do you get buyers to the point where they choose to move forward?
    • If you lose this house, how will you feel?
    • Getting burned
    • Market velocity
    • Having life confidence when making a long-term buying decision
  • This thread on Reddit – Just moved to woolen mills – what do you wish you’d known?
  • When moving to a new area, go to the grocery stores.
  • New hotel on 29 North
  • Bart, Dave, and my dirtiest jobs – this is a fun little segment.


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