April Note | Market, Stories, Day One, Fever

Market, Stories, Day One, Fever … a few keywords to pique your interest in this month’s note. Interested? Subscribe here, and join the dozens who read every month.

  • Looking at the current state of the Charlottesville area real estate market
  • Stories I tell at first showings
  • Day One
  • Feverish bike riding
  • Blog roundup from last month. I’ve been writing on this blog quite a bit less, and focusing on the monthly note more.
  • What I’m reading

The bananas

I eat a fair amount of bananas. When you leave them in a car, under the seat, for a few days, they smell something awful. I learned this the hard way several years ago, and taught myself to leave them on my bumper so as to not leave them in my car. Often, I’ll compost them later. More often, they fall off.

Either way, they don’t end up decomposing in my car.

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