Describing Charlottesville & Crozet to a Friend – Part 2

A friend shared with me his description of the Charlottesville area that he’d sent to a friend. This is part two; part one is here, and it’s quite useful and good. Reading this has been interesting for me; I look at Charlottesville through the lens of a (relatively) very long-term resident, and as a (relatively) long-term real estate agent.

A few things

  • and Zillow are quite useful with their price and tax histories, sales history, which firm brokered a sale, etc. I don’t often look at the home search/research process through that lens; I’m glad to have done so.
  • My friend’s perspective on Charlottesville neighborhoods is great insight for me and hopefully for those thinking about moving to or within Charlottesville
  • I wonder how many other Charlottesville folks are trying to convince their friends to move here.
  • I’ve inserted my opinions in italics below, and a few links here and there to neighborhoods. The links to listings are his.
  • There are more neighborhoods than he identifies, but I didn’t want to clutter up his argument to his friend.
  • I’m in awe of my friend’s efforts and research in his attempt to convince his friend to move to Charlottesville. Really.

Crozet Neighborhoods

Old Trail Neighborhood – Great Neighborhood

Lots of homes, but also lots of little playgrounds, trees, sidewalks, swimming pool a network of well maintained trails for walking and running. quite a few miles, golf course (not on the golf course, but the gold course is sort of in the neighborhood…separate thing, but tis there, Extremely easy access to highway.

Its newish upscale hood with multimillion-dollar homes, really beautiful 300-500k (more like $400K – $1M) single family homes, and condos (I think he means townhomes) as well. Definitely an HOA though. Cost per square foot is more, yards are smaller, but great place.

Also – the movie Evan Almighty with Steve Carrel was shot here. They literally built an ark in one of the big fields before there were a bunch of houses… it’s…holy?

West Hall Neighborhood

Right next to my hood. You have never seen it because its just a little further down the “main” road my hood is in. This is the new hotness. Lots of young families, 6 miles of beautiful trails, grass and dirt, connecting to other neighborhood, walkable access to Crozet Park (soccer field, basketball courts, swimming, baseball, small gym, 1 mile paved trail – great for stroller walks.) New construction, but lots of trees and solid yards. Not huge yards…but bigger than the Old Trail hood. Less car traffic than Old Trail hood as well. Also easy to walk to the “downtown” area where we have like 6 or 7 restaurants, two great coffee shops, a hardware store that has everything, pharmacy, post office, and a brand new really awesome community library etc…

Park Ridge (Western Ridge/Foothill Crossing)

When you drive into Crozet, you enter on a road called 240. After you zig zag up a hill through lots of trees, it opens up and you have this big view of the mountain, a farm on your right, and the neighborhoods start on our left. There are 3. This is the third one. It is the best tucked in off the road of the three. (although the downtown Crozet connector is about to connect and shift that “tucked-away-ness”)

Houses were built early 2000s. Most are earthy tones. Trees are very large. Yards generally seem larger than the last two hoods. Still have access to 6 miles of trails and Lickinghole Creek. Quiet, good sizes etc. Same perks of Crozet living but you would have to drive 3 minutes to get to the “downtown” lol. If you live here and work in Charlottesville proper, this makes your commute about 7 minutes faster. Unlike the last two neighborhoods, where you can see TONS of little kids running around, this one is a bit quieter. No idea why. My guess, based on the years built, is that the kids are a bit older. Still see kids and families.

The Highlands

This neighborhood was built in the early 90s and mid 90s. Trees are grown in larger, mix of architectures. There are usually well priced homes here. Quiet neighborhood. It’s right next to Park Ridge. Big yards.

Other Crozet Randos


Charlottesville City

There are multiple sectors of Charlottesville. Each has its own flair. There are tons of listings so I only picked a couple that are representative of the sector they are in. Interestingly enough, there is a 17 mile trail that circles the whole town, and most of these neighborhoods connect to it. These hoods are win in particular order. Also, no townhouses or 2bed places were included.

Hydraulic Sector

This is the jack of all trades, master of none, sectors. Its 5-7 minutes from everywhere. Neighborhoods are nice, clean, mix of 70s and 90s homes, good trees but you cant walk to do anything. Grocery stores are just around the corner though. Easy access to main roads. Very Quality overlooked spot. Kids would go to county schools, not city schools.


Sunset Avenue Sector – South west side of town, just past route 64

Nice 1990s-2000s homes, off of the 2 main highways. Very close to Wegmans, extremely easy to get on and off exits from here. no town traffic whatsoever. But to get downtown, you’d have to drive in. Maybe 5 min drive. Also, there’s a mix of single family and condos (townhouses) here. Pretty sure theres’ a pool and gym here. (there are three – in the Redfields neighborhood, the Lake Reynovia neighborhood, and Fry’s Springs Beach Club, an awesome community pool)


Belmont – Cherry Avenue Sector

There are a mix of brand new places, really old victorian places, (not great) on the outside, renovated on the inside, and 50s brick houses. Mixed bag here. Hit or miss. There are distinctly pockets.

North Downtown

This is an interesting spot. Just north of the walking mall. There are gorgeous large, victorian houses in great neighborhoods that are quiet and safe and clean….good sizes yards, massive trees…very desirable. But those house, due to their proximity to everything (you can all downtown, shopping is 5 min drive etc) are extremely expensive.

Cost per square foot is out of control. That said….on the periphery of this very desirably spot, there are occasionally some homes that pop up for much less. This in large part, I’m assuming due to two factors: the perimeter homes are much closer to busy roads and because of that, busy shopping centers.

The second reason is that the houses just parents as nice or as well kept. So it possible to get into the good hoods, but you lose some of that proximity greatness and safety-net feeling of being further in. Again, its all about timing and which side of the neighborhood opens up. Right now in the range, there nothing worth showing you but:

Near Charlottesville Airport

You’re getting out of the fun parts of town. Houses are much cheaper up here. And in quiet nice hoods. But you are distanced from the shopping, things to do, nothing is walkable……….close to Target.



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