Monday Morning Reads | Smart Homes, Crash Coming? NIMBYs

A few stories to get your (and my) week started.


Crash Coming?

  1. The Charlottesville Pride Festival this past weekend was a lot of fun.
  2. 10 years after Lehman, is another crisis brewing?
  3. Household Estimates Conundrum Alive and Well
  4. The Financial Crisis at 10: Will We Ever Recover?
    1. Our estimates suggest that the economy is unlikely to regain this large output loss and GDP is unlikely to revert to its previous trend level. Financial market disruptions can have large costs in terms of societal welfare by causing persistent losses in the level of GDP.
  5. Labor and Subcontractor Costs Outpacing Inflation, Raising Home Prices
  6. Women in Construction
  7. NIMBYs Really Hate Developers When They Turn a Profit
  8. Next financial crisis ‘has begun and will be worse than 2008 crash,’ economists warn
  9. Everyday home gear made smart – a pretty good summary of some simple home tech.
  10. By the numbers: Albemarle County has highest percentage of Virginia homeowners likely to relocate



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