January 2019 Monthly Note | Stories, Offers, HOAs, the Charlottesville Market

Here we go.

Another year begins of representing clients, helping to grow Nest Realty, and producing the best, most relevant, and interesting content possible that I can.

This Month’s Note

  • Charlottesville area market update/thoughts on 2019’s market, incorporating some of my thoughts here.
  • Hiring professional HOA management (it’s a good thing)
  • Never say an offer is coming (and why)
  • Life is a series of stories
  • Round up of RealCrozetVA & RealCentralVA posts from December

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Bonus – I bought JimsNote.com, so it’s now even easier for you to remember the URL when you’re telling your friends about that great thing you read. 🙂

You’re at a coffee shop with a friend, telling them about that great thing you read about the market, or about pooping babies or dog poop, why to flush first, or even 3D printed homes, pictures from the potty, railroads and appraisals, or yeah, even market updates, and they ask where they can get the note, you can just say, “JimsNote.com.” Easy.


A note on the content production. I’ve been writing RealCentralVA since January 2005, RealCrozetVA since September 2005, and the monthly note since February 2013. Consistently putting out content is hard work. It’s fun and rewarding, and I write because I find it interesting. But it’s hard work.  

The medium may change, the format may shift, but ultimately, it’s just thoughts put to “paper.” There are things I wish I’d done differently in the early stages of my real estate career, but starting to write is one thing I did well, and early.

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