Thoughtful Zillow Reviews

Self-promotion is hard.

But, I’ve been lucky to have a bunch of clients take the time to write thoughtful reviews about how I represented them this year.

This is one review that captures a lot of how I practice

Jim has admirable values for a real estate agent. He tends to stand back and watches the buyer’s reactions and observations when viewing a property, then asks a lot of questions rather than making statements.

He balances the facts (what is the condition of the house? Is it fairly priced and within your budget?) with the emotion involved (How does the house feel to you? What are your top three likes and concerns? Are you comfortable with the tradeoffs?)

Perhaps most admirable is his advice if you don’t really know what you want to buy: Don’t buy. Rent somewhere until you figure out what you are looking for out of your home and your goals for your lifestyle (Jim’s “triangle”: proximity between living (home), working (employment/school), and social (specifically coffee shops!). Jim has captured all of his “best of” advice, the local buying/selling process, timely market analysis, and musings of a real estate geek in his blog.

Jim is an expert on the Charlottesville/greater Albemarle area both in terms of the local and micro markets and the local professionals in the industry. We took Jim’s advice and chose a local team to assist with the house purchase. This included a local lender, closing agent, and inspector. The transaction was smooth (and dare I say easy?) because the team worked together so seamlessly behind the scenes to take care of all of the details before closing.

It is easy to get a hold of Jim. He tends to text back in seconds, even if his response is “I’ll get back to you in 2 hours” – and he will. The negotiating process went surprisingly well. My impression was we (the buyers) and the sellers all came out feeling like we got a fair deal. I’m not sure if this was thanks to Jim, the fit of the parties involved, or both. Either way, it was a good experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Jim again.

Coming soon: a new series of Testimonial Tuesday that I do on Instagram, linking back to a blog post with the full review. Always trying new things.

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