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I doubt many of our clients saw the news.

We didn’t seek this out, and we are ecstatic with where we are. We started Nest in 2009, a small tiny brokerage in Charlottesville, Virginia. Just three of us, then six, then a few more. In 2020, we have 15 offices across 5 states, and we’re thrilled with where we are, as we partner with @properties based in Chicago.

It’s a funny world. I remember a decade ago how we were admiring @properties’ marketing materials, websites, and story. Read their “about” page; our stories and values are similar.

I wrote this a long time ago when we started Nest

What are we doing differently?

Everything and nothing.

This is a new direction for me. Since the start of my career as a Realtor, I have always been narrowly focused on my clients and their needs, but I have always also, by necessity been focused on myself – my career, brand, success. This move represents a monumental shift in philosophy, one of collective responsibility, goals and values. I hope I’m ready.

Firmly believing that the Agent is the brand consumers trust, this is a Realtor-Centric brand. We have shared beliefs, values and goals but recognize that the value provided to customers and clients rests firmly with the quality and value offering of the individual Realtor.

And last week, Jonathan wrote, in part:

We will continue our laser focus on providing our agents, Brokers, and clients with the highest level of service in the industry. This is our mission and nothing changes here either.

Simply put: our technology will improve, our remarkable marketing will improve, our ability to refer our clients to outstanding agents will improve (have you tried to vet agents cold on the web? It’s hard!)

We have had countless conversations with colleagues, clients, partners, and the simple answer to the question of, “what’s going to change?” is, “not much; we’re going to be Nest, stay Nest, and get better at what we do.” We’ve built something special that we, our agents, our franchisees, and our clients value. We’re not going to screw that up.

This next step is a good thing, and we’re excited.


From our Nest blog

Want to learn more?

Inman News recently covered the story in an article titled “@properties acquires stake in Nest Realty” by Inman staff writer Patrick Kearns, which announces the merger of these two cutting edge firms. You can read the article here. Please note that Inman News requires a subscription.

You can also hear our recent podcast on this topic here.

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