Finding New Watering Holes During the Pandemic

Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.

I’m waiting for the day that the Blue Hole in Sugar Hollow is so crowded that people stop going there as much. Until then, wife, kid, dog, and I looking for new hikes, preferably with water. One we found recently is the Graves Mill Trail. It was a good hike, and one we’ll do again.

Worth a drive to get out of Charlottesville. Make sure to download the map for the area before you get there, as Verizon service was not present, if I recall.

Two water crossings; one necessitated taking off our boots and making our way across.

Check it on the All Trails app It’s a great hike.

More here

“The Graves Mill Trail is a relatively easy hike that parallels the Rapidan River. The trailhead is a small gravel parking area at the end of Route 662. This is a no-fee entrance to Shenandoah National Park.

The trailhead is somewhat isolated but in a safe, rural area. This beautiful trail is well-marked and almost completely shaded during spring through fall.

The Rapidan River is a beautiful fast running stream that provides for catch and release fishing. The hike crosses two streams that most hikers find easy to cross using river rock/boulders. This is not a busy trail and it is normal to hike up and back and see only a few fellow hikers.

The closest store for food, drinks, and gas is in Wolftown, about seven miles from the trailhead. There are several trails that connect to Graves Mill trail if you want a longer route.”

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