Tour De Crozet – Riding Amazing Roads in Crozet

A pandemic calls for a bit of creativity.

The Crozet Cycling Club rides rode together 6 or 7 days a week. It was a big part of our lives. Now it’s not.

So, we put together a Tour de Crozet. Domain names are cheap. I already have blogs, so why not? And why not share some of the amazing routes we assembled?

The Tour was fun. Tour de Crozet I consisted of routes we did in the mornings as a group. Tour de Crozet II highlighted some of the fantastic gravel roads, and Tour de Crozet III had some of our longer, more weekend-focused routes.

Why write about this here?

Because real estate is about more than lots and houses, it’s about life and what you’re close to that brings joy and sanity. Hopefully someone who reads this will ride one of these routes or six, and find a bit of something.

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