How do we show houses in Charlottesville During Covid-19?

Question: How Do we Show Homes During Covid-19?

Answer: Very carefully and respectfully

This is one of the most common questions I get today, whether from buyers or sellers, so I figured I might as well put the answers in one place.

The Charlottesville Realtor community adapted well and quickly to showing homes during a pandemic, and that was a good thing.

Expectations for Showing

  • Masks (this really should be obvious)
  • Shoes off (leave your socks on)
  • Bring booties if you want to leave your shoes on. Some sellers have these, but not all do.
  • Don’t touch anything. Put your hands in your pockets. I wear gloves and open everything; a lot of sellers will leave all the lights on, and will open doors. (see the image below)
  • Don’t bring the entire family if you can help it. Yes, this is often impossible.
    • You may need to rotate parent inside alone with agent, other outside with kids. And switch
    • I’ve had too many listings where kids have jumped on furniture and beds; that wasn’t good before Covid-19; now it’s just not an option.
  • For buyers – drive by houses first; you can eliminate a lot of houses this way.
  • Buyers: wear slip on shoes. I recommend Blundstones.
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