Empathy and Real Estate

I recorded a video this week with a colleague, Greg Slater, and we talked about the Charlottesville and Crozet real estate markets, and market data, and average and median prices, and inventory levels.

This point is sticking in my head – good real estate agents help our clients in the home buying/selling process, and great ones do so with tremendous understanding, caring and empathy. We listen to and hear our clients, reassuring and validating the emotions that they feel — often in this market, those are feelings of frustration, fear, apathy. We acknowledge those feelings and guide and coach the clients (in this case buyers) with the right amount of optimism and positivity.

Optimism and positivity are sometimes hard to see, and as I tell my buyer clients — there *will* be another house — it just might take more time, and more saving, and more patience to get there.

And it’s not just buyers who need empathy.


The selling process is often a traumatic one

MOVE is a four-letter word

Move is, to many people (many of whom are my clients), a four-letter word, with similar negativity associated with other four-letter words, such as the ones that rhyme with truck and spit.

One of the roles I fill for many of my clients is to be the one who has done this before – whether that’s moving, moving with kid(s) and dog(s), moving twice to get that house, purging, prepping, working …and I set expectations bluntly up front.

Moving. Sucks.

But moving isn’t the end of the world, and yeah, it may be a painful few months, but after a year in the rearview mirror, the trauma of that move will hopefully have waned to the point of being a distant memory.

Good real estate agents need empathy, too. 🙂

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