Developers Have Long-Term Vision

Developers think and plan long-term. 


An example.

Many years ago, I represented sellers of a piece up land up 29 North. It was a relatively small piece of land, and we received an offer pretty quickly for asking price. About twenty years later, all the land along that stretch of road was assembled, and the developer executed his plan.

(Many) developers have the patience, stamina, financial ability, to wait and work things out – the market, regulations, support, opposition – until they are willing and able to do that they can and need to to. And that’s ok.

The point of the post?

Homeowners, renters, and neighborhoods could look beyond their own tenure, and work to build more housing, and more infrastructure – at local and state levels – to impact more than their own lives, but those who will come well after them. That work comes from time investments – investing in the processes such as Comprehensive Plans, local elections, advocating for County/City/Regional improvements and additions.

Go to Comp Plan meetings. Planning Commission meetings. Advocate for things as well as against things.

Traffic is always going to be an issue that may be mitigated by building more densely with appropriate non-vehicular infrastructure —  inside and outside developments. How do we get there? I honestly don’t know. Yet. I do know that working solely to stop change also stops progress.

If you’re standing still, others are moving forward.

” Investment in housing needs to be viewed as part of a long game, she said. ‘When you decide to build housing, it is a 100-year decision.’ “

Is the Belmont Bridge perfect?


Is it an improvement? I’d say so. I certainly felt safer today while riding my bike over it.

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