Be Kind. It Matters

Reupping this story from April.

This encounter has stuck with me. In early January I was returning a gift, and tried to get it put back on my wife’s credit card, which I didn’t have. The young girl working at the counter tried to make it work, but could not. She sought out the manager, who tried as well, went back to try something else, while the girl at the counter kept valiantly attempting to process the return. They were understaffed and overworked, and they were exasperated, but kept trying.

We’re at about the 15 minute mark of them trying to make this right, and had determined that issuing a gift card would be the best path. The manager went to the back.

The original girl looked at me, and with somewhat pained candor said, “thank you for being kind about this.” Someone thanking me for not losing my mind over them trying to do more than they needed?

Being nice isn’t hard. It’s quite simple. We would all do well to be nice more often.

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