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Add MLS Data to the mix, and you’ve got a winner

Thanks to the Lost Remote, I came across this story from Northwestern University’s Readership Institute site that unintentionally makes the parallel between how Realtors think of MLS data (we want to keep it in a box, and control access).One of the most striking developments in online news in the past year or so has been -the rapid proliferation of interesting database applications-….  newspapers have been leaders in this area, driven by the company’s “information center” initiative, which is yielding new organizational structures and approaches to information gathering and presentation.  The “data desk” is one of the seven pillars of the company’s new approach to news.As Gannett realizes, data should be a driving force in online journalism, for at least the following reasons:- Data is “evergreen” content.- Its value to users does not end after 24 hours.- Data can be personal.- What’s more relevant to someone than, say, reported crimes in their neighborhood, or nearby property assessments?- Data can best be delivered in a medium without space constraints.Michael asks a similar question this week – Are Listings Information or Advertising?If Realtors could develop a product that had all of the information….  In the context of the Group I have been working on for the past year – what are the top 10 technological creations/developments over the past 12 months?

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