Showing Houses in Charlottesville – On a Bike

(I’m trying to map all of my bike commuting rides) — Update 21 May 2016: I hate when links go bad.

Well that was fun. Saturday, I showed a few houses to buyer clients. And we each rode our bicycles; and I’m looking forward to doing it again. April was my first time showing a house on a bike and I’d been looking forward to doing it again. As this was my first time showing multiple houses with clients, I learned a few things.

If being closer to bike paths equates to higher property values, what better way to experience bike paths and on a bike?

Notes/lessons learned:

– Riding a bicycle is an infinitely better way to learn a neighborhood than riding in a car – taking in the smells (think Belmont BBQ), the sounds (trains in Charlottesville), topography (if you’re planning on commuting via bike).

– Showing houses on bicycles is not a great idea for the first few times going out with buyers – the time in the car is some of the most valuable I spend with clients as that is the time to listen and learn. Holding in-depth conversations on bicycles is difficult.

– Riding bikes in Charlottesville is fairly easy if you think a little bit about your route – where the hills are, whether you want to start uphill or downhill, etc.

Nest is a perfect starting point – the roads around it are flat and the location is central.

Riding bikes is not just about saving gas; and seeing houses on bikes requires a certain level of fitness.

– I don’t see this as a fad; gas may be a reason but there are many more reasons to keep this up.

– Having a quality murse for my iPad, lockbox key and other such necessities is crucial. I’m sure I’ll discover, at the most inconvenient time, something I have forgotten, but that’s part of the learning experience.

– My clients and I are going to have to like each other, perhaps more than ever; biking in Charlottesville can induce sweating.

If you’re interested in buying a home in Charlottesville and riding a bike to see houses, please contact me. I’m always up for an adventure.


Charlottesville’s not Portland, but we’ll get there.

Pedal to Properties, a real estate franchise based on showing properties via bicycle. (story on Pedal to Properties)

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  1. DougFrancis June 20, 2011 at 21:44

    Classic! At a NAR trade show I stopped by a booth where some guys where trying to sell a franchise for bike-riding real estate company. I had to laugh since none of the people pictured had bike helmets and where riding on the wrong side of the street. Okay, maybe it is just my warped mind but the possible scenarios are pretty funny.

    1. Jim June 22, 2011 at 07:09

      ! Just because I ride a bike doesn’t necessarily mean that I know how to drive. 🙂

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