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Real Estate Round Up – Charlottesville Real Estate Market Update – May 2011

I’ve written a lot, looked at a lot, and analyzed a lot. Over the past two days, I have looked at real estate market data specific to the Charlottesville MSA for nearly six hours (and I still have quite a bit yet to come, including updated median sales price numbers).* I’ve written thousands of words, and thought that a summary post may be useful.

Part One: Charlottesville MSA – Single Family & Attached Homes Placed Under Contract – First Five Months

Part Two: Charlottesville Real Estate Market Update: Transaction Volume for 2000 – 2011

Part Three: What’s Selling in Charlottesville? Single Family, Attached homes or Condos?

Even this real estate analysis is too broad; to really know what’s happening, you (and I) need to study the market segment relevant to you. Every segment is different and unique.


– Single family homes in Charlottesville MSA: sales up 1.5%, median sales price down 4%

– Attached homes in Charlottesville MSA: sales down 16%, median sales price down 3%

– Condos in Charlottesville MSA: sales down 17%, median sales price down 3.5%

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Talking about the Charlottesville Real Estate Market – WNRN Radio 9 January 2011

If you are interested in – whether from a buyer, seller, voyeur, moving to Charlottesville perspective, I highly encourage you to listen to this hour of radio Matt Hodges and me as we discuss the Charlottesville real estate market, national trends affecting all of us, and what the conversation may mean to you, the real estate consumer. … Some of the stories to come: One of the best parts of doing radio shows is that I always generate new ideas to write about. – Top 10 most popular neighborhoods in the area; I’m finalizing the methodology for how this will be determined, so I won’t promise the publication date. – An expansion on the nomadic class. – The internet’s/telecommuting’s impact on attracting people to the Charlottesville area. … Title issues, conveyance of title, property ownership – I think this is going to be a huge story in 2011. – Mobility – many of today’s potential homeowners are choosing to not buy because they want to have options. – QE2 – DIA and NGIC – their impact on the Charlottesville real estate market; in short, they they provided a stabilizing force. – Loan Level Pricing Adjustments – what does this mean to homebuyers?

Charlottesville Foreclosure Rate and Foreclosure Activity Information | thanks to RealtyTrac – Foreclosure rate for the Charlottesville MSA – Majority of Virginians oppose gas-tax increase – Town hall to discuss Hollymead development area expansion – Realtors’ response to Mortgage Interest Deduction – Commentary: Mortgage Interest and Real Estate Tax Deduction Facts – Facing Scrutiny, Banks Slow Pace of Foreclosures – Homeownership is not a must .

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Moving Median Home Price for Charlottesville MSA

Some year-end Charlottesville real estate market data for you: And a ♫♫♫♫♫ a Happ-y New Year ♪♪♪ Context coming on Monday, 3 January … as well as the answer to the question, “Is 2011 the right time to buy a house in Charlottesville?” (Answer: Maybe)

Moving Median Home Price for Charlottesville Metropolitan Statistical Area for the Past Year: Moving Median Average Home Price - Charlottesville MSA - 2010.jpg Moving Median Home Price for Charlottesville Metropolitan Statistical Area for the Past Five Years: Moving Median Home Price - Charlottesville MSA - five years.jpg Condos – Sales and Inventory Report 2006 – 2010 (PDF) Attached Homes – Sales and Inventory Report 2006 – 2010 (PDF) Single Family Homes – Sales and Inventory Report 2006 – 2010 (PDF)

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Friday Chart – Is this the New Normal for the Charlottesville Real Estate Market?

Looking at the number of transactions so far this year* in the Charlottesville MSA – Charlottesville, Albemarle, Fluvanna, Greene, Nelson – for all kinds of property – condo, attached, single family, farms … in this dataset there are going to be outliers and anomalies, but with a set this large, we’re really looking for trending analysis. … Maybe we are witnessing the “new normal” for the Charlottesville real estate market, and it’s something that we’re just going to have to get used to.

…While dramatic increases in productivity could theoretically take up the slack, that may be too much to ask of a generation whose education, for the first time in American history, ranked in the bottom third of developed nations. … “The trend is most visible,” they write, “in the transition from a G-7 to a Group of 20 model of international decision making which includes influential and deep-pocketed developing countries like Brazil, China, India, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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Putting Charlottesville Real Estate Information in Context

Transcription : Hey, Jim Duncan with RealCentralVA and Nest Realty here in Charlottesville, Virginia thinking about a common theme that I’ve heard from my new prospective clients recently and it’s a feeling of overwhelmed . A lot of people are overwhelmed with the amount of information that’s out there about the real estate process whether it’s buying a home, selling a home, looking for a home, just getting started . … Personally I read or skim 200 some local Charlottesville blogs and 150 real estate blogs and between ten and 20 economics blogs on a daily or every other day basis so I have become accustomed to processing this type of information in a rapid and hopefully effective way. … It’s something I think I’m pretty good at, I enjoy, and I’m really passionate about educating people, but I always like the opportunity to learn from my buyer clients what they’re reading and what question they have because there’s new information every day and I’m always looking to learn.

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Should I get Three Competitive Market Analyses?

The best may not be the highest, in fact, the worst may be the highest because that realtor may be trying to buy your listing and then in three months come and say: well, you know, we really kind of missed it, let’s reduce the price. You want to try and price it right from day one, as challenging as that may be and the worst may be the lowest because that realtor may be trying to just get a quick sale and not look out for your best interest. … Look at the amount of inventory in your segment of the market and look at those trends, the pricing trends, the market trends and anything that I can look at and then what I do after I come to my conclusions of a price range and look at my market plan, I give everything to my potential client so that they can see what I’m looking at and so that I can back up my advice. Ultimately the decision is my clients, but I want to make sure that they are as educated as possible on what my marketing strategies are and what my pricing strategy is because again, it’s not my money we’re talking about or my life, it’s my clients.

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March 18 2010 – UVA Match Day

A place that is close enough to see family within a days’ drive, you know, a place with few earth quakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, kinda like the BEST OF EVERYTHING?!

…Match Day 2009 – March 19 Match Day 2008 – March 20 Usually , Medical Residents coming to the University of Virginia Medical Center are looking for homes in either the City of Charlottesville or County of Albemarle under $300k. … If you think you’re going to match at the University of Virginia and have questions about the area that you may not have found the answers to online, please feel free to contact me with any questions . If you’re putting Charlottesville at the top of your list and have questions about relocating to Charlottesville, please take a look at this work-in-progress page . (here’s a tip: “Charlottesville” frequently means “Charlottesville, Albemarle, Greene, Fluvanna, Nelson and/or Louisa” Most likely, you will be targeting Charlottesville, Albemarle, and maybe parts of Greene and Fluvanna )

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