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Christmas Trees, Lights and Dr. Seuss in Charlottesville

It’s holiday time in Charlottesville. While the real estate market may be (somewhat) tapering down for the year, folks are wondering when houses come on the market in Charlottesville, many others are wondering where to get Christmas trees, look for Christmas lights and wonder about the connection between Dr. Seuss and Charlottesville (Whoville?)

Christmas Trees in and Around Charlottesville – an evolving list of pick-your-own and already-cut Christmas trees.

Some of the best Christmas lights in the Charlottesville area. (note: the Bethlehem Village in Afton won’t be happening this year.) 2015 Update – the Hebron Baptist Church will be doing their awesome Bethlehem Village.

– And one of my all-time favorite questions: Was Charlottesville the inspiration for Dr. Seuss’ Whoville? No. (but tell your friends it was –  they’ll think Charlottesville is all sorts of cool)

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Christmas Trees in and Around Charlottesville

Oh, Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree:

Where do you get Christmas trees in (around) Charlottesville?

The place where we used to cut ours when I was a kid is now a subdivision.

Here are a few where you can cut your own:

Ralph’s Christmas Trees in Nelson County
Foxfire Farm in Buckingham County
Bit-O-Honey Farm in Fishersville
An aggregate site for pick your own Christmas trees
Greene Meadows Farm in Greene County
Kris Kringle’s Tree Farm in Nelson County

(The ones in Nelson get my vote as they’re on the Brew Ridge Trail)

And here are a few favorites for pre-cut Christmas trees –

– The Ivy Store on 250 West
– Boy Scouts’ locations all around town (we frequently get ours in from the ones in Crozet)
AM Fog in Nelson (just before Blue Mountain Brewery on 151)
– In Albemarle Square, they have trees and are a local family that has been selling trees and wreaths for over 100 years

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