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C’Ville Pie Fest 2014 – 28 September

I love this about Charlottesville.

C’Ville Pie Fest is Back! It’s this Sunday at the Crozet Mudhouse, supports the Crozet Volunteer Fire Department, and pie entries are needed (there are some hungry judges!)

mmmmm … Pie.

It all started on Twitter and was, as I said at the time, ridiculously good fun at the Charlottesville Downtown Mudhouse.

And we had pie later in 2009 at Crozet Mudhouse, and it benefited PACEM.

And Pie was had in 2010.

And more pie in 2011, benefiting the Haven.

And the judges:

– Head Judge Brian Geiger
– Wendy Novicoff
– Sean McCord
– Rebecca Cooper
– Josh Harvey (Albemarle Baking Company baker)
– Nathan Moore of WTJU
– Gary Dillon of the Crozet Firefighters
– Jim Duncan (that’s me!)

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Charlottesville Real Estate Market Conversation – 29 January 2012

Matt Hodges and I had a good time on WNRN radio yesterday discussing what’s happening in the Charlottesville real estate market, mortgages, buyer activity, real estate assessments, government interference, gas prices’ impact on real estate decisions, and a whole lot more.

I’m going to listen to the show (thanks to Charlottesville Podcast) and put up some show notes, but in the meantime, feel free to what I think was a pretty interesting hour of real estate.

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Au Revoir, Forest Lakes & Hydraulic Markets?

The beauty of the Markets – gourmet gas stations which really are ” ironically delicious ” – the original one at Bellair , the newest one on 29 at the corner of Greenbrier, the one at Hydraulic and 29, and the ones at Forest Lakes and Mill Creek – is that they are decidedly Charlottesville .

…“We’re trying to make these stores destinations rather than convenience stops,” said Stuart Lowry, marketing director for The Markets of Tiger Fuel, a Virginia convenience chain that offers fresh seafood, a fancy deli and professional chefs.

…While I share some of the writer’s sentiments, I’d rather focus on their current contributions to the economy and to the culture of Charlottesville for the past 20+ years as a resident, customer and Realtor in Charlottesville. … I may sound a bit elitist, but given the choice between a snack or sandwich and a cup of Mudhouse Coffee at a Market or a chili dog and a fountain drink at a 7-11, I’ll choose the former every day of the week.

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No More Albemarle Place?

As already revealed, the development will feature a million square feet of residential space and nearly a million more square feet of retail and office space, including a new 14-screen Regal Cinemas with a high-tech IMAX® theatre. However, the latest renderings of the project showed something that a lot of folks will hope is not just wishful thinking: a Trader Joe’s on the corner of Hydraulic and Route 29. … Whether or not actual contracts have been sign with those companies can’t be confirmed, but the general feeling among County planning officials is that the long-awaited project is actually going to get built. … Not only does the building site need to be fully prepared, proposed proffers have Edens & Avant chipping in $1 million to build a fourth southbound lane on Route 29 from Westfield Road to 29/250 interchange, and a second lane for the on-ramp on to 250 West.

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Charlottesville Foreclosures Study sheds Light on a Surprisingly Hidden Market

From my position as a Buyer-Broker , my advice to my buyers would be – be well qualified and prepared to buy and consider targeting these neighborhoods; they are all very well located with great respective proximities to the University of Virginia Grounds and/or the Downtown Mall – the two major economic hubs of Charlottesville.

…Extent of Crisis, Virginia: The Center for Responsible Lending predicted that 62,174 homes will be foreclosed upon in 2008 and 2009 in the state of Virginia.38 In June 2008, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association, for the foreclosures in the state of Virginia, 54% of them are on subprime and Alt-A loans—“non-traditional” loans while 26% of the foreclosures are on prime and government ARMs and the remaining 20% are on government and prime fixed rate loans.39 In other words, approximately 80% of the foreclosures in Virginia are by higher risk borrowers—subprime lenders and/or ARMs.

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Four Years of Blogging at RealCentralVA – And No End in Sight

The impact that real estate blogging has had on the real estate (and the impact yet to be effected) industry is remarkable and incalculable. Trending of real estate blogs in Google Over the past four years, I’ve written a lot – at Bloodhound Blog , currently write at Agent Genius , RealCrozetVA since September 2005 , recently started RealWaynesboroVA … and have more ideas than time for what I have yet to even begin to accomplish in the blogging space. … Thanks to the Internet Archive (which doesn’t seem to be archiving anymore) – here’s a brief look back at four years of blogging – Believe it or not, my original blog is still up and hosted on my dot mac account ; running on the iblog blogging platform – Early 2005 Central VA real estate news, trends, opinions and more - Mozilla Firefox 3.1 Beta 2.jpg Lessons learned – 1) Don’t do that.

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End of The Year Market Report for Charlottesville Region

Agent Update – Only for Charlottesville, Albemarle, Fluvanna, Greene and Nelson:

Not having the membership numbers for the past several years, I omitted the “zero” column …

The number of Realtors in the Charlottesville area who have managed to do between one to five sides per year has remained fairly consistent over the past three years, with a surge at the height of the boom.
The productive Realtors seem to be suffering the most.
* To answer questions I get frequently – yes, I do make a living as a Realtor. As of this writing I am the 32nd most productive Realtor in the Charlottesville area. I hate writing that, but it’s a fact. (and our office is the 8th most productive office – not bad for a very small – ~7 agents – office)
Buyers and Sellers – when interviewing Realtors, do your due diligence and ask your prospective representation how productive they have been in the past 12 months – more on this in a later post.

Thank you sincerely for reading. Please let me know if you have any questions/comments/corrections.

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