No More Albemarle Place?

Ah, Albemarle Place. We hardly knew ye.

Merely a re-branding. Welcome to Stonefield.

As already revealed, the development will feature a million square feet of residential space and nearly a million more square feet of retail and office space, including a new 14-screen Regal Cinemas with a high-tech IMAX® theatre. However, the latest renderings of the project showed something that a lot of folks will hope is not just wishful thinking: a Trader Joe’s on the corner of Hydraulic and Route 29. There was also mention of a Hyatt Place Hotel. Whether or not actual contracts have been sign with those companies can’t be confirmed, but the general feeling among County planning officials is that the long-awaited project is actually going to get built. Indeed, reps from Edens & Avant said they have a desire to break ground in March.

And we’re talking about some serious ground work. Not only does the building site need to be fully prepared, proposed proffers have Edens & Avant chipping in $1 million to build a fourth southbound lane on Route 29 from Westfield Road to 29/250 interchange, and a second lane for the on-ramp on to 250 West.

I wonder if they’ll build bike lanes and make accommodations for pedestrians.

Update: Seriously?

“In changing the development’s name from Albemarle Place to The Shops at Stonefield, it was simply a matter of rebranding and where the project is at this moment in time. We felt that The Shops at Stonefield is a more accurate reflection of the development, one that speaks to the natural beauty, history and cultural vibrancy found in and around Charlottesville.

“Specifically, we believe that The Shops at Stonefield evokes the natural elements of Central Virginia, incorporating an organic and environmental feel to a much anticipated community focused retail center.”

I’m a little bit surprised they didn’t go with the “Shoppes” at Stonefield.

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  1. Jen on the Edge January 7, 2011 at 11:59

    Albemarle Place, Stonefield. It’s all the same thing. I am more interested in if the County will actually make the area pedestrian friendly or if the traffic patterns for drivers, bikers, and walkers will be just as bad as it is at the Target/Harris Teeter complex.

    1. Jim Duncan January 7, 2011 at 13:33

      Agreed. Sadly, I suspect that it will be more of the same Рan ugly, dysfunctional sea of asphalt and the traditional homage-to-Jefferson-brick-fa̤ades.

  2. Chris January 7, 2011 at 16:40

    There seems to be lots of excitement about the prospect of a Trader Joe’s and I admit I join in that excitement but just build the Trader Joe’s and leave the rest of the site alone. I also join in the sentiment that it will likely be more of the same and not particularly bike/pedestrian friendly.

    (I’m also a little disappointed in Trader Joe’s for sticking with this development and not looking for existing retail space in town – there’s plenty of it available.)


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