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If you’re thinking about blogging about real estate

Read Pat’s post first.Blogging is currently touted as real estate marketing’s magic bullet, but almost every new real estate blogger doesn’t realize that the impact of blogging lies in its ability to build a social and informative relationship with its readers….The brand new real estate blogger, knowing nothing about blogging culture, often uses the blog construct as a kind of daily loudspeaker trumpeting their business prowess.Blogging is work – writing, reading, participating, educating, being social without being necessarily intrusive …  it’s not another forum to post how good you are (or want to be).This is one of my definitions of success – I received an email question the other day from a reader….  I’d like to think that I’m doing something right to receive this postscript -P.S.- “Why me?”…  Because, I am an avid reader of your blog (realcentralva) and I come away with the impression that you are:1- smart2- well-informed3- a person who believes in ethics (this seems like a question about ethics…)I don’t see a static website or a purely self-promotional blog accomplishing spurring that email.

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