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Homebuyers – Caution on Radon, Builders’ Reps and No Representation

Second issue, (The builder) missed his 11-month walk through of our home and it was encroaching upon our 12- month (final inspection of the home), so my husband and I agreed to have an official home inspector come into our home (as we know nothing about home construction). … Upon hearing the findings and what they meant we conducted research for remediation and also contacted (The builder) and set up an appointment to go over the findings of the inspection (the inspector also disclosed he had conducted the radon tests in (The Neighborhood) and stated that (The builder) knew he had a radon issue because one of his home sales almost did not go through until (The builder) remediated the issue). … We immediately contacted a mediator to address the issue (when the location of the home was made known to the remediator (Radon Company), the owner stated he remediated the other homes in (The Neighborhood) and this could have been prevented/mediated during the building process or prior to sale of the home if already constructed). … (The builder) returned an email that stipulated he would accept no responsibility for the radon issue but agreed to put 250 dollars towards the remediation, “because we were good people and had contributed to the neighborhood”.   The total cost of inspection and remediation is 1175 dollars.

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Is There Radon in Charlottesville?

This is what I tell my clients – a radon mitigation system accomplishes at least three things – 1) Provides peace of mind – for homeowners and buyers 2) Can be an asset when you sell your home – it’s one less potential objection from the buyers 3) It provides for a safer environment in which to live. … Results of short-term tests represent the radon potential of the home, rather than the actual exposure encountered under normal living conditions, unless residents keep the home’s windows and doors closed year-round.

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