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A Bill to Protect Consumers: Specifically Single Agent Dual Agency

Such written consent and disclosure of the brokerage relationship as required by this article shall be presumed to have been given as against any client who signs a disclosure as provided in this section. (i) shall be writing and (ii) may be given to either party at the time prior to the commencement of dual representation. … That following the commencement of dual representation, the licensee will be unable to advise either party as to the terms, offers or counteroffers; however, the licensee may have previously advised one party as to terms prior to the commencement of dual representation; 2. That the licensee cannot advise the buyer client as to the suitability of the property, its condition (other than to make any disclosures as required by law of any licensee representing a seller), and cannot advise either party as to repairs of the property to make or request; 3. … Such disclosures shall not be deemed to comply with the requirements set out in this section if (i) not signed by the client or (ii) given in a purchase agreement, lease or any other document related to a transaction.

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Part-Time Realtors, Disclose Thyselves!

From VARbuzz, initially quoting the Swanepoel Report –

When real estate agents take on second and third jobs and decide not to disclose that fact to their client, it raises questions concerning their level of commitment and service.

…I mean, if the pilot on my flight was a part-time freelance writer, I’d kinda want to know that he may spend some of his cockpit time on his laptop. … And Lenn hits the nail on the head in the comments – if brokers didn’t hold licenses of part-time Realtors, they’d have nowhere to go.

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Radio this Weekend – WNRN Sunday Morning Wakeup

We’ll be discussing year-end statistics about the Charlottesville region’s real estate market, prognostications for 2010, real estate and technology trends that consumers need to pay attention to and probably quite a bit more. … Maybe a little plug for Nest Realty – Charlottesville’s newest real estate brokerage If you’re going to buy a home in Charlottesville in 2010, when should you start looking? … ) ( now ) (Same if you’re looking to sell a home in Charlottesville ) … … (have you noticed the Meebo bar at the bottom? … I love doing radio for some of the same reasons I love writing this blog – one of the foremost reasons is that live radio forces me to prepare …

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Prepping to Buy a House in Charlottesville

Now is the time when people really start to talk about these things in earnest, so here is the thing: if you’re thinking about buying a house, it’s a great time to buy! … But if you’re thinking about buying in the Spring: – now is the time to start researching. – Drive through neighborhoods, see how they’re decorated if that interests you or if it disinterests you. It’s good to know what you might be getting yourself into. – Start scouting things out, ask questions, search for homes and find a realtor (I am one) and start looking for vacant houses so you have a feel for what you’re going to see come Spring when houses come on the market. – Prices now are starting to moderate even more. … Start interviewing buyers agents , ask questions, because when you’re talking about interviewing buyers agents , you’re really talking about spending a lot of time with somebody who is hopefully going to be someone you like, trust, and is a professional who is experienced.

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Prepping to Sell a House in Charlottesville

It’s Winter, the first week of December here in Charlottesville and I’m starting to get the e-mails and the queries from people who are thinking about putting their houses on the market in Spring. Now, in my mind, the Spring real estate market really starts now and ramps up late January, early February and March is high time in the Charlottesville area match day when the medical residents find out where they’re going to be.  It is a huge component of our market. Now is the time to start thinking about it.   – Start looking at what your mortgage payoff may be. – Start looking at the projects that you’ve meant to do for the last few years that if you’re going to be selling your house in the Spring really need to be done.   – Houses need to be in the closest state of perfection as possible in this market because it’s going to become super competitive come Spring.   So if you’re thinking about putting your house on the market in the Spring, start looking at how realtors are marketing homes. … But really it’s a time when you need good, sound, professional advice to help you develop a pricing strategy and a project strategy of things that will bring you the best return on your investment if you’re getting your house ready for the market.

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