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Design and Context Matter

I see print as irrelevant for marketing houses, but relevant for branding – branding me as a professional, my company, my profession all of which constitute my brand. … This one, too, shakes everything up – The invention of printing did away with anonymity, fostering ideas of literary FAME and and the habit of considering intellectual effort as private property.

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What’s a Beme?

Here’s the thing – more now than ever before, the brand that matters most to the real estate consumer is the value added by the individual Realtor, not the brand. (and I’ll bet I could back this up with statistics if I had the resources to pull off a survey) Of particular note regarding the current fragmentation of the real estate listings universe – (bolding mine) From silos to simultaneity . … Read more about silos and how the concept relates to MLS’ at Michael Wurzer’s FlexMLS blog, where he says , “NAR could create a non-profit that could be the ICANN for property IDs, and that would be valuable for tying together the efforts of those publishing real estate info on the web.

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Every Customer Counts

Matches up pretty well with my experience there right after they opened. about 7 hours ago from twhirl in reply to JimDuncan” (I’ll bet she’ll talk to 10 people) – Marijean commented on Amanda’s post (easily 10 people here) – Nick saw our tweets – “thanks @jimduncan and @emccullough for the info/pointers on the boathouse. had thought about trying it, but might wait a while or so ” (Nick, too ) – Waldo noted the blog post about the Boathouse . … – Ignore it all – it’s only a few blogs and tweets after all (but check out the people who noticed – they’re all connected and are likely either influencers, connectors or mavens ) The first idea is that some people are “hubs” – they are well connected.

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Social Media Explained and Expanded

| View | Upload your own For example – I can be contacted here in a variety of ways; below are a couple of the many. (the closest thing to a resume I have to offer) Jim Duncan's friendfeed

…A few of the topics we plan to discuss are – -owners being upside-down when trying sell their house -being uncomfortable buying in these times, even though it may be the best time around -how much should a seller lower the sales price?

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