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Where to Watch the World Cup in Charlottesville – 2010

Charlottesville is a good soccer town; we’re privileged to have outstanding soccer teams to watch – UVA Men’s and Women’s , thriving youth and adult programs and pretty good fields on which to play. … I asked the question last time, 2006 , and now I ask it again: Where are the best places to watch the World Cup in 2010? . (The USA’s odds to win are 66/1 ) The Shebeen and McGrady’s Irish Pub led the informal poll on Twitter. – I think Zinc on West Main will be showing the World Cup. (they’re also listed on livesoccertv , so they must , right? – BW3 and Wild Wings surely will. – Fardowner’s in Crozet says they’ll be showing it .

…@JimDuncan – I think Shebeen’s going to be one of the best places for the World Cup this year —

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