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Blog Wayback – Future of, etc.

If Zillow competes with , will (and how will) some of the folks at NAR … position the Seattle company as bad for the industry?

…Rather than treat it as such and ensure that it is the comprehensive source of data, we have gotten comfortable and used to having a great source of information; complacency in any profession or industry will inevitably lead to failure.

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Reflecting on Zillow’s Influence Over the Past Three Years

A lot has changed in the real estate tech space, but the real estate business remains a belly-to-belly business, with client relationships solidified with handshakes and time spent together in the car, in houses, at the coffee shop. Zillow in Charlottesville, Virginia Zillow’s presence in the Charlottesville real estate market is negligible; in spite of this I’ve always considered them another tool in the good Realtor’s toolbox. … I for one, have welcomed the opportunity to answer this. (more in a later post) Brian Boero at 1000Watt Blog offers this kick ass post on Zillow’s three year anniversary – (bolding mine/read the whole thing) The real estate industry owes Zillow a debt of gratitude, whatever their fate may be.

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