More on Assessments

The DP weighs in

The assessment issue will hopefully be getting
more and more press in the coming weeks and months. Government continually
targets real estate as its primary source of revenue and prefers to keep dipping
in the well rather than curb its

“Supervisors could
elect to do several things with the money: reduce the tax rate, add money to the
Capital Improvements Program fund, or add money to the general operating fund
for government and the school

have grown steadily in the county since 1997, with the largest increase between
the 1999 and 2001 reassessments. In 1999, the biennial average rate of increase
was 3.5 percent, while in 2001 it was 12.8

At some point, perhaps
the public will call for accountability for government’s spending. Paying taxes
is each individual’s responsibility; it is also our responsibility to call our
officials when they choose not to use OUR MONEY wisely.

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