Tips for house-hunting

These are all things that I recommend to all of
my buyers, but someone else beat me to putting them into print. From Inman

preapproved for the mortgage you need before you start making offers. Proof that
you’re a strong financial candidate will go along way to convincing a seller
that you’re a good risk. Offering a larger earnest money deposit than is typical
might catch the seller’s attention. If you can be flexible on the closing, let
the seller know. If you don’t need to take possession at right away, you may
gain favor with a seller who needs to rent back after closing. Clean up your
offer by eliminating needless contingencies.

As corny as it may sound, it
can make a difference if sellers can mentally attach a real person to the offer
they’re considering.
writing a personal letter to the sellers to tell them how much you love their
home. Make sure that your agent asks to present your offer personally to the
sellers. At the least, your agent should include a letter with your offer that
let’s the sellers know something about you.

This can be huge, and
occasionally the deciding factor in multiple offer

TIP: Prospective buyers who are continually being outbid in competition should
do some soul searching before making another offer. Find out why you weren’t the
winning bidder. Was it price, terms, or both? If you find that you are often the
low bidder, perhaps you should be looking in a lower price range.

In short, talk candidly to your
Realtor about your goals, and if you have found a good one (we’re not all the
same!) you should have your best chance to get your new home.

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